Koga Miyata – History, frame numbers and frame sizes & options

History of Koga Miyata
The company was founded by Andries Gaastra in 1974, who had left his function at his father’s company Batavus. The name Koga is a combination of his surname and that of his wife Marion Kowallik. The addition of Miyata came from the cooperation with Japanese manufacturer Miyata.. Miyata started with the use of Japanese components of Shimano. The design and assemblage of the bicycles was done by hand in the Netherlands. At first Koga Miyata only produced racing bicycles. In 1976 they added a range of randonneurs or touring bicycles, and in 1986 mountain bikes.

Koga Miyata framenumbers correspond with their year of production

Koga Miyata framenummers corresponderen met hun bouwjaar

Koga Miyata Rahmennummer sind in Übereinstimmung mit ihrem Baujahr

  • Calculate your frame size based on your body length
    Bereken jouw framemaat naar lichaamslengte
  • Berechne deine Rahmengröße nach Körperlänge

Options: Handlebar – Lenker – fietsstuur

(GB) All Bikes can be delivered with a racing bike handlebar, or a straight handlebar. (pictures underneath)
(D) Alle Räder können wahlweise ausgestattet werden mit einem Rennlenker, oder einem geraden Lenker . (Bilder unten)
(NL) Alle fietsen kunnen met een race stuur of een recht stuur voorzien worden. (onderstaande foto’s)

Racing handlebar
Straight handlebar